How to sync a tree between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry?

In this blog, we will learn How to Solve Ancestry Media Sync Issues In Family Tree Maker 2019?

Family tree maker version 2019 is updated software to keep your all-ancestral information. You can update ancestry information by syncing your information from Family Tree Maker. If you face a sync issue, you can follow our simple steps to fix the error. 

User Ancestry Media Sync Issues

If you directly enter your photos in Ancestry tree on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. And sync after that there are chances that you may find a placeholder for that media at your FTM.

But if you add your media or photos at family tree maker directly there are no such issues. So, the simple step is to delete your media from the Ancestry tree and add them to the FTM. Source media, census images will remain unaffected and user-contributed media have an effect.

FTM Support

Continuous Ancestry Media Sync problems

You may be facing trouble due to continuous sync after the above process. It is a chronic syncing problem. And this is a common problem for the past few weeks. If you are facing it too, then DO NOT post at FTM you can chat with us live. Live chat links are directly available, but articles are also an option for you to solve your problem.

Live chat options

You should read our blog to fix the issue. If the blog does not help you then, you may go for a live chat. where experienced members will help you to solve such issues. FTM ( technicians are trustworthy to solve any issue.

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