Family Book Creator

Family Book Creator

Family Tree Maker has been the people’s first choice to preserve their family history digitally as a legacy run in the coming generations. With all the versions like FTM 2012, 2014, 2017, and Family Tree Maker 2019, the FTM also introduced Family Book Creator. It is a Family Tree Maker Extension meant for creating Family Books. It is a helpful plugin for those committed to family research extensively and is into publishing their research in book format.

It is a nifty extension that helps you to create books such as a Family History Record Book and keep track of your family-related research with just one click.  FTM Support

How to use Family Book Creator? 

Here is the Quick Guide to understanding and operating Family Book Creator.

Start by installing the Family Book Creator on your device and avail of the Family Book Creator Plugin from the plugin menu available in the FTM Application itself.

Family Book Creator is too easy to use; all you need is to follow the four steps mentioned here. These four easy steps are explained in terms of Family Book Creator.

Step 1: Create the Document

First, create a document containing all the information you feel needs to be put in your Family Book.

  • Go to Family Tree Maker and Select your Family Member with whom you want to start. Open the plugin from the Tools Menu of Family Tree Maker.
  • Mention the individuals needed to be included in the Book on the tab.
  • Select or accordingly.
  • You can easily customize the details about the individual via going on the tab page, or you may choose to go for .
  • Then, click the Button. Along with it, register the location and filename to create the Book Document.

Upon finishing, you’ll be able to have an auto-generated document launched by the application automatically.

Step 2: Preview your Pages

To ensure the correct registration of information in the Book you are about to create, Proofread the Content and fix the issues.

Before Publishing, do review the content. It would be best if you made the required changes in the FTM File you created and re-generated the Document until you are satisfied.

It is advised that changes should not be done in the Word Processor. The whole point of providing the Family Book Creator Plugin is to create a Book Document of your family information that is loaded from the data in your Family Tree Maker database. To add the Member or Fine-Tune the information, use Family Tree Maker only, not the Document you generate at this step.

Step 3:Print the Document

Finally, you can print the Book Documents that you generated. Check in the PDF printer before printing to avoid unnecessary paper wasting. You can choose to print the Book Documents on your own or any nearby shop as per your preference. Get it bound!

Have a Beautiful Book of your Family History

At this point, you can decide to customize the look of your Book when putting it in publishing mode.

So, this is how you can use the Family Book Creator, a helpful feature by Family Tree Maker.

The Family Book Creator plugin generates comprehensive, sophisticated Book Documents in various formats, including RTF, DOCX, DOC, PDF, and EPUB, without requiring the installation of Microsoft Word or another word processor or PDF application. When you start the plugin, the Book includes table of contents (TOC) entries, index entries, footnotes, and hyperlinks as invisible elements based on the selected person’s descendants, ancestors, or relatives. The pages are designed to be printed double-sided by default to facilitate bookbinding.

The plugin’s goal is to generate the Book from your Family Tree Maker database data. When you create documents in Word (DOCX, DOC) or PDF format, the plugin performs pagination and updates all fields automatically. The Book automatically includes a table of contents, index, and cross-references. After you’ve added new content to your book document, you need to use your word processor to update all fields. Only use the word processor for pagination, TOC generation, indexing, and printing.

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