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What to do if Family Tree Maker 2019 is not opening in Windows? 

Family Tree Maker is one of the most popular genealogy programs around, creating family trees, charts, and reports. When you use the program, you might sometimes receive errors when you try to start it. These errors could be Family Tree Maker corrupted files, 

Family Tree Maker not working in Windows, Family Tree Maker 2019 stopped working on Windows 10, Family tree maker 2019 keeps crashing etc. These errors can sometimes prevent you from starting the program. This blog will explain a few standard solutions to these problems.

Steps to take if FTM 2019 is not opening in windows:

Step 1: Check your Family Tree Maker is installed correctly or not?

If the Windows operating system on your PC is out of date, Family Tree Maker may not work correctly. To ensure that you have a good experience, we recommend that you update the version of Windows that is running and then use Family Tree Maker. If you require help or guidance in this matter, visit the Microsoft help article mentioned below and follow the instructions:

Step 2: Reinstall Family Tree Maker on the computer

Follow the below-given simple steps and reinstall Family Tree Maker on your system. 

  • Install the Family Tree Maker software using a USB drive or CD and click on the .exe file. 
  • The installation process will begin immediately after clicking on the .exe file.
  • Soon, a welcome screen will appear in front of you; click on the Next button.
  • In the license agreement checkbox, select I accept and click on the Next button.
  • Then you will see the default location of the family tree maker file. If you want, you can change it or else click the nest button.
  • Then, the install button will appear in front of you; click on it. 
  • Once installation is completed, click on finish.

Step 3: Check other software installed on the computer.

Sometimes, some antivirus, security software and firewall interfere with the Family Tree Maker’s sync. To ensure that your problem isn’t caused by something other than Family Tree Maker, start your computer in Safe Mode (for Mac users) or Clean Boot (for Windows users). 

Once in Safe Mode or Clean Boot, try to sync your tree again. Besides, turn off your firewall, antivirus, and security software. If this is successful, then chances are another program on your computer conflicts with Family Tree Maker. If you still see the same problem after a couple of attempts, please contact our support team using the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Still unable to sync?

If you are still unable to resolve the issue and still facing errors, more deep troubleshooting may be required. In such case, get in touch with us at ………………… We would be more than happy to help you. 

How to install a family tree maker on a new computer?

Family tree maker is one of the best genealogy software compatible with nearly all operating systems. However, some users still face difficulties while downloading and installing it on their system. We have explained everything about the Family Tree Maker in this article. You can choose any one of the Family tree makers that is best suited for your system. The Family Tree Maker family tree building software is one of the best tools used to manage genealogical data. If you also wish to install the same on your system, the following are the steps you can go through.

Steps to install Family Tree Maker 2019 on a new computer  

Step 1: Download Online or select the CD-DVD or USB option


You can buy an online version, USB, CD-DVD of the FTM 2019 software as per your convenience and preference. After clicking on the FTM version, you want to have, click on next and pay the price. Make sure you have checked the price before buying. Please note that you will have to pay shipping charges and handle charges additionally for the USB and CD-DVD versions.     

Step 2: Choosing Family Pack Option in FTM 2019 

Genealogy is mainly about family history. It would be a bit of an arduous task to research without the help of some family members on your team! We understand how the buy-in for this sort of thing can be challenging, so we wanted to work out ways for you as an entrepreneur to address that unique concern with a unique solution! We have created a plan that will enable you, and three other users access to one pack. If you want you can choose this plan. 

Step 3: Choosing Tree Vault in Download FTM 2019 

The next page is for selecting the Family Tree Maker 2019 Tree Vault service to purchase. This exciting new feature allows you to create an online backup of your tree, making it easily accessible from any device you use. The yearly subscription-based Tree Vault service comes with many handy features.

Step 4: Select Add-ons


FTM comes with many valuable features, but some add-ons have been developed to make content creation faster and easier. One such add-on is Companion Guide, which makes it easy for you to turn your genealogy into a guide or a training manual for anyone in the family who wants to learn more about the source of all their knowledge. There is Charts Companion, which helps you create charts wherever they most logically belong! Another add-on is Family Book Creator, which can significantly shorten its time to turn anything into a flourishing book project with the most modern visual styles. You can select the add ons as per your requirement.

Step 5: Place the order

Here comes the final page for customers who wish to purchase Family Tree Maker 2019. If you have finished all your steps, it’s time to order the software by filling in the required details, including name, address, email, telephone no. etc. To complete the payment process click on COMPLETE ORDER NOW.

We hope your query would have been answered through this blog. If not, feel free to reach out to us at (phone number).

How to transfer a family tree maker 2019 to a new computer? 

Every family has a unique history that each of us wants to preserve to be cherished by generations to come. Since the beginning of civilization, humans have tried to store the memories, vitality and uniqueness of family histories by various modes like photographs, paintings, scrapbooks etc. In the twenty-first century, where the world has become more technology-oriented, software has replaced the old ways. Multiple software to save family history is available in the market today. Out of them, Family Tree Maker has made a unique place for itself due to its several distinguishing features. 

Family Tree Maker 2019 

Family Tree Maker 2019 has been one of the world’s most sought after genealogy software that has helped millions of users to preserve their family legacy and find out about their family’s historical wealth. It allows people to capture the vibrancy and individuality of their family lineage in all its richness and save it for future generations. The software is being used by millions across the planet and has received a 5-star rating from most of its client base. 

Why choose Family tree maker 2019?

Family Tree Maker provides users with a wide range of features and options to ensure the success of the family tree making process and to take it to the next level:

  1. It offers users an easy and enjoyable interface to help users find all the information they need about their family lineage.
  2. It offers users the ability to create the entire family tree using a single software.
  3. It also helps users mark the critical moments in family history and quickly build a timeline to follow it.
  4. It allows users to share the family tree and story with the rest of the world.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert researcher, you’ll appreciate how this intuitive program lets you quickly grow your family history with simple navigation, tree-building tools, and integrated web searching. The result is a treasure trove of information that your family will cherish for years to come!

Steps to transfer Family Tree Maker to a new computer:

FTM 2019 can be transferred from one computer to another by following a few simple steps. Before beginning with the process of the transferring, there are some prerequisites which are mentioned as follows: 


To transfer your tree file from one system to another, you will need FTM 2019 installed on both systems. Besides, you will also need a removable storage device (such as a thumb or a flash drive, burnable CD/DVD, or an external hard drive) to move your file. You will be able to use the backup and restore feature within FTM Helper Tools for Mac – make sure it is installed – which acts as a backup tool for all your files automatically whenever you log into any of the stores mentioned above devices. If you do not have this software installed yet, please install it. Alternatively, it can be transferred via a computer network or cloud storage using FTM Helper Tools for Mac or FTM Helper Tools for Windows’ new transfer engine functionality.

Transferring Family Tree Maker using USB flash drive:

A USB flash drive might be the easiest way to transfer a tree from one computer to another. If you need one, it’s worth your time to consider buying one before continuing with the steps below!

Let’s begin with the first computer:

Step 1: By using your current FTM Source tree, open FTM 2019 on your computer.  

Step 2: Create a backup of your FTM Source tree. 

Step 3: Visit the location of the backup file and copy it using your flash drive.

Step 4: Now unplug the flash drive   

Moving onto the second computer:

Step 6: Insert the flash drive into the USB port 

Step 7: Copy the backup file to the hard disk of your second computer. 

Step 8: Select Restore from the File menu in FTM 2019.

Step 9: Navigate to the directory where you saved the backup file, select the file, and click open.

Step 10: The Save dialogue box will appear. Choose where you want your tree to be saved on your hard drive (Usually, FTM tree files are stored in the Family Tree Maker folder in the Documents folder). Then, to restore your tree from the backup, click the Save button. In Family Tree Maker, the fixed tree will appear.

By following the steps mentioned above, you would be able to resolve your commonly occurring problems, such as how to install a family tree maker to a new computer, how to transfer a family tree maker to a new computer, how to install a family tree maker 2019 on a new computer and much more similar ones. 


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